Massage Therapy

We have now introduced massage therapy to Face Techniques. Many of our clients have asked about massage and we listened!

Taking part in regular massage plays a huge part in how healthy your body is and how youthful you’ll look & feel. Just because massage feels like a pampering treat does not mean it isn’t therapeutic. It is one of the best natural treatments you can do for yourself.

Schedule a massage and experience what a difference just one session can make. Consider a regular routine of massage and you’ll be amazed and delighted at the improvement in your body, mind and spirit. Consider massage an investment in your health & wellness, and our experienced Massage Therapist, Lindsey, will create a customized treatment plan that will vastly improve your quality of life.

Alleviates chronic pain
Improves range of motion & flexibility
Bolsters immune system
Reduces stress, tension & anxiety
Improves the condition of the skin
Promotes tissue regeneration
Breaks up scar tissue
Reduces the appearance of cellulite
Improves circulation
Reduces post-surgery adhesions & swelling
Reduce spasms & cramping
Releases endorphins – body’s natural painkiller
Exercises & stretches weak, atrophied muscles


Swedish – This soothing massage uses long, flowing strokes to induce ultimate relaxation & soothe tired muscles. Circulation is increased, and tension & stress melt away!

Deep Tissue – Firmer pressure is used along with trigger point therapy to treat chronic pain & knots. The pressure will be customized to your comfort level. Deep tissue massage does not have to hurt!

Hot Stone – Smooth, warmed river stones are used to massage the muscles, melting away knots, stress & tension. This incredibly relaxing massage is a must-try!

Sports – Specifically designed for the athlete of any level, this massage helps prepare for, and recover from, workouts & events. Sports massage employs active stretching, fascia release, & trigger point therapy to prepare the muscles for optimum performance & prevent injury.

Bamboo Fusion – Smooth, warmed bamboo tools are used in a flowing massage that releases tight muscles & promotes circulation. This is an exciting new bodywork therapy!

Prenatal – The expecting mother will be treated to a customized massage addressing all of the areas that ache & tighten throughout pregnancy, & gentle stretching will relieve chronic pain and tightness. Massage is one of the best ways to nurture your body during pregnancy!

Reflexology – Specific areas of the hands & feet are worked, corresponding to the rest of the body. Add this service on to your massage or experience it ala carte!

Dry Brushing – A soft-bristled brush is used to exfoliate the skin, reduce the look of cellulite, stimulate circulation & detoxify the body. Your skin will look & feel amazing! Plus, the body brush is yours to take with you so that you can continue these desirable results at home! . Add this service on to your massage or experience it ala carte!

Aromatouch – Addresses four issues within the body: stress, toxins, inflammation and autonomic imbalance. This therapy consists of dripping therapeutic-grade essential oils along the spine and feet and feathering them into the muscles, finishing with warm stones placed on the back. Feel detoxified and more relaxed than you thought possible.

Japanese Foot Spa – Soak your feet in a bowl of warm water, rolling your soles over the marbles in the bottom, releasing tension and triggering full body relaxation. Your feet will get a loofah & sugar scrub, a cold-water rinse and a reflexology session with aroma lotion on each foot.

Cupping – An ancient Chinese therapy using suction to gently release tension, toxins and connective tissue to promote immune system health and freedom of movement. Ala carte or added to a massage, it will leave you feeling loose and limber.