The Science of Personal Rejuvenation!

The effects of aging, childbirth, menopause and hysterectomies are personal. ThermIva radiofrequency gently heats vaginal and labial tissue to encourage the restoration of healthy tissue.

There are many benefits to vaginal and labial rejuvenation:
Tightening of the Tissue
Aesthetic Improvement
Increase in Bladder Control
Increase in Natural Lubrication
Increased Sexual Desire and Function

Vaginal and labial tissue are very receptive to rejuvenation with energy based devices. We chose ThermIva after months of research on the various devices available. We called clinics all over the US to ask what device they used, what results were they seeing, what was the patient “downtime”, and would they recommend the device.

ThermIva had the highest level of both patient and provider satisfaction. The clinics that had ThermIva were excited to talk with us about the results they were seeing. All were incredibly impressed with the improvement of bladder control. There is no downtime. They had nothing negative to say!

And that is how we came to bring ThermIva into our practice.

We love the results we are seeing. Our patients love their results.

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